Questions for Interview Project
Economics 222
March 7, 2002

1.Has technology (information and computer technology) changed your job ? (How is your job different?) (requires more time, more knowledge, requires more responsibility, requires more skills, requires more communication , requires fewer people, requires more people?)

2. Do you enjoy your job more?

3. Is the job easier or harder or about the same? In what ways is it harder, easier, etc. How much time do you save?

4. How much time do you spend with email? Do you spend more or less time on the phone now?

5. Is email a help or a hassle?

6. How much time each day do you spend "on line?"

7. How much work do you do at home? Has this increased with the availability of information and communications technology?

8. How many other things do you do on linepaying bills, etc.

9. Do you feel more isolated in your job now that you spend more time with computers.

10. Do you interact with people more or less since you began using a computer in you work.

11. Is your job is easier now (with computers?)

12. Do you feel you are more efficient in doing your job? More in control?

13. Do you interact more with students? Are there stronger personal relationships?

14. Would it be hard to do your job (now) without a computer.

15. Do you do more work today than you did before--in your job?

16. I work harder than I did before I began using a computer in my work.

17. Have you had any computer related stress or illnesses?

Eyestrain? physical problems? carpal tunnel syndrome/repetitive stress injury? Tension?