Resources for Economics 221 Project

I. Company Information

A. Annual Reports - The Bertrand Library has annual reports for those companies listed on the Fortune 100 list. The library retains on ly the current three years of annual reports in the file cabinets near the ASK Desk. Annual reports are also available electronically through Lexis/Nexis, Disclosure (on Dow Jones & First Search) and Worldscope (on First Search).

A list of the library's annual report holdings can be found in the online catalog by entering: corporate annual reports

B. Individual Company
, Stock and dividend Information


Hovers Handbooks: profile the history, products, and financial nature of selected corporations. Arranged alphabetically by company name. The Library has three Handbooks:

HG4057.H286173 Ref. Counter
Hoover's Handbook of American Business

HG4057.A33 Ref. Counter
Hoover's Handbook of Emerging Companies

HG4009.H66 Ref. Counter
Hoover's Handbook of World Business

HG4905.M81 Ref. Counter
Moody's Handbook of Common Stocks. NY; Moody's Investors Service, 1982-83-.

HG4930.C43x Ref.
Mutual Funds Update. (This monthly publication gives "The Month in Review," a performance study, top performance and other valuable information.

HG4905.S44 Ref. Counter
Standard & Poor's Stock Reports: American Stock Exchange. NY: Standard & Poor's, 1992.

HG4905.S443 Ref. Counter
Standard & Poor's Stock Reports: New York Stock Exchange. NY: Standard & Poor's, 1992.

HG4905.S444 Ref. Counter
Standard & Poor's Stock Reports: Nasdaq and RegionalExchange. NY: Standard & Poor's, 1992

These are comprehensive quarterly reports on companies trading on different exchanges. Arranged by company name.

HG4501.V26x Ref. Desk
The Value Line Investment Survey: Selection and Opinion. NY: Value Line

HG4501.V26x Ref.Desk
The Value Line Investment Survey: Ratings and Reports. NY:Value Line, 1992.

II Industry Information

Fro an overview of an industry and how a stock measures up to it, use the following sources;

HF5681.R25T68 Ref.
Almanic of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1971-.

Handbook of North American Industry (A collection of useful statistics on the North American economy including extensive information on individual industries.

HF5681.B2R58 Ref. Desk
RMA Annual Statement Studies. Philadelphia, PA: Robert Morris Associates, 1992. (Composite financial data on different types of businesses.)

HG4905.S78 Ref. Desk
Stnadard & Poor's Industry Surveys. Ny: Standard & Poor's, 1992-1993. (Contains data on major domestic industries, including financial data for each company over a five year period. the "Earnings Supplement, " located at the beginning of the survey, lists revenues and earnings of more than 1,000 companies.)

A. Economics and Financial Forecasting Information

HG4701.S7x Ref. Desk
The Outlook. NY: Standard& Poor's, 1992-93. (A biweekly publication analyzing and projecting stock market trends. Includes overviews of current economics conditions, information on individual securities, with recommended stocks. Includes and annually published forecast of market and economic projections,)

B. Periodical Literature - Periodical literature can give economic forecasting data as well as an overview of the well-being of a company.

ABI Inform (accessible fro Library hompage) - a database that allows searching by company name or keywords to locate periodical articles about a company or topic. Indexes approximately 900 business periodicals.

Lexis/Nexis: A rich database with full-text articles from newspapers and periodicals

ArticleFinder: The interdisciplinary database is a good starting point for any class project.

FristSearch: is an online service that includes approximately 50 individual databases. The following business databases are available here: EconLit; Business Periodicals Index; Wilson Business Abstracts; Disclosure; :AIS (Public Affairs Information Service)

III. Internet Sites

This comprehensive Wesite-Marketguide provides a wealth of investment and financial information, including research reports on over 8,000 public companies.

Wall Street Research Net is a great site for fundamental research on actively traded companies and mutual funds and for locating important economic data that moves markets. It provides links to company hompages, SEC filings, earnings estimeate, graphs, charts and much, much more.

The Bond Market Association has a "how to guide" for bonds and a "bond calculator"

The New York Stock Exchange
American Stock Exchange

The CNN financial site (includes up to the minute business news sotries, quotes and much more.)

Prepared by Dot S Thompson (dthompsn, x73232)
February, 2000.