Economics 221
February 1, 2001

The references in the document below were prepared by Dot Thompson (dthompsn@, x73232.

For the initial assignments for your portfolio, you will need to access company information and data. For a more thorough analysis (an assignment which will be due at the end of the semester) you will need to examine industry information. In the "real world" you would probably begin your analysis with industry information. This list of resources is arranged to provide both print and internet resources. On a day to day basis you will be using internet resources. The wonderful sites available seem to be multiplying each day, so don't consider this list as exhaustive. Feel free to use other sites--but please do share them with me and with the class.

Information about investing (vocabulary) in general (requires subscription-some free info) --CNN's financial link ­Lots of free advice-some via subscription ­ ditto thestreet ­this is the CNBC website

Company information:

Check company websites (ie., (lots of free information-fee required for depth)

Stock information (New York Stock Exchange) (Nasdaq) (American Stock Exchange) (click on finance and markets)

Bond Market Information (This comprehensive Weg site provides a wealth of investment and financial information, including research reports on over 8,000 public companies. (These two are the bond association pages) (look under bonds and economic education)
http// (Wall Street Research Net is a great site for fundamental research on actively traded companies and mutual funds and for locating important economic data that moves markets. It provides links to company homepages, SEC filings, earnings estimates, graphs, charts and much more.

Company Information

Annual Reports ­ The Library has annual reposts for the Fortune 100 list. They are available electronically through Lexis/Nexis, Disclosure (on Dow Jones & First Search) and Worldscope (on First Search).

Individual Company and Stock and Dividend Information (at counter in Library)

Hoovers Handbooks: profile the history, products, and financial nature of selected corporations.

HG4057.H286173 Ref Counter ­ Hoover's Handbook of American Business

HG4057 .A33 Ref Counter ­ Hoovers Handbook of Emerging Companies

HG 4009 H66 Ref Counter ­ Hoover's Handbook of World Business

HG4905 .M81 Ref. Counter ­ Moody's Handbook of Common Stocks 1982-2001

HG4930 Mutual Funds Update ­ month in review of top performance and other info.

HG4905 .44 Ref Counter ­ Standard & Poor's Stock Reports (AMEX)

HG4905 .443 Ref Counter ­ Standard & Poor's Stock Reports (NYSX)

HG4905 .444 Ref Counter ­ Standard & Poor's Stock Reports (NASDAQ and Regional

HG4501.V26x Ref Desk ­ Value Line Investment Survey: Selection and Opinion. NY: Value line

HG4501 .V26xRef.Desk ­ The Value Line Investment Survey: Ratings and Reports

(Quarterly publication that analyzes and reports on approximately 1,700 companies over a ten year period.

Industry Information

HF5681.R25T68 Ref ­ Almanac of Business and Industrial Financial Ratios Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall, 1971-

HF1746.H35 ­ Handbook of North American Industry ­ A collection of useful statistics on the North American economy including extensive information on individual industries

HG4905.S78 Ref. Desk ­ Standard & Poor's Industry Surveys. NY: Standard and Poor's, 1992- Contains data on major domestic industries