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ECON 221

U.S. Government Economic Information:
White House Briefing Room- Economic Statistics:
 Department of the Treasury:
Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation:

Federal Reserve System Information:
Federal Reserve Economic Data:
 The Federal Reserve Board of Govenors Website:
 Links to the twelve Federal Reserve Banks websites:
 Federal Reserve Bank of New York:
 FRBNY Statistical Information:
 Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis:
 Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis:

International Monetary Information:
 Foreign Governments Statistics (University of Michigan Library website):
 International Monetary Fund:

Stock Information:

 Class Handout on Market Information  

CNBC- Market Data  quotes and other information from CNBC/
 USA TODAY Economic Information:
 Money Magazine Online:  stories about business and investment
 Yahoo's Reuters Online Business Summary:  updates of financial and company information
 Annual Reports Online:  online company reports
 S & P Research Reports:  Standard and Poor's reports of 5500 companies and 300 mutual funds/
 Hoover's Online:  all kinds of ways to search company histories
 NETworth Equities:  Companies with homepages/

Other Sites of Interest:
 Yahoo! Quotes -- keep track of your portfolio  get quotes too/
 S & P Portfolio Tracking --  another spot to track your portfolio
 Microsoft Portfolio Manager -- part of the microsoft network  quotes, charts market summaries
 The Dismal Scientist -- lots of interesting up to date economic information
 The Official Paul Krugman Web Page
 Roy Davies History of and General Sources on Money Website -- gives some history of money in the US economy.
 Stat-USA (requires subscription-available in Bertrand Library):
 Writing resources

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