ESB Final Project Assignment
Foun 097-49
October 19, 2006

Choose one of the two options below for your ESB final project.  Your final project may take its form as a paper, a Podcast, a website, a music or image/picture CD, or a review.   If your project is not a research paper or review, a 4-6 page written report on the project itself, is required. There will be several phases of this project during which particular parts of the assignment due.  Each will be accompanied with guidelines and you will receive  feedback on each part.
You may in work groups of two or more for more complex projects.  Clearly, larger groups need more extensive projects.  One group might choose to embark on an interview project (with your iPod recorders?).  Another might choose to survey groups (students, faculty, staff) on selected issues.  If you think you might be interested in a group project, please meet with me and with potential group members as soon as possible—certainly prior to November 2nd, so that we can begin background and technical work, insure appropriate methodology. and develop a time line that makes it possible to complete these projects. 

            Write a 10-15-page paper on the topic you have selected (and I have approved).  Topics may include cultural, social, economic, historical, legal, technical or other issues related to empire. In your paper, make sure that you explain to the reader the importance or the significance of your topic and how it  relates to empire. The paper should provide substantive references to readings that set the context, define the issue, or add supplemental information to your research.  Your research should include both Internet and library (scholarly) resources. 
            Alternatively you may choose to read and write a review of two or more books on a related topic that you select.  These reviews must be in depth and analytical and utilize material covered in class to explore and develop themes drawn out by authors.  I must approve books you wish to review.       

You may produce a Podcast (video or audio), Website or CD that relates either to cultural, social, economic, historical, legal, technical or other issues related to empire.  Along with the final product you must write a summary of the research that accompanies the production of the final product.  For example, if you produce a CD of American music 2000-2005 that relates to the modern US empire, an accompanying essay might elaborate the methods you used to define, limit, and make your selections, and indicate why some pieces are more representative than others. 


October 20-November 2 - Topic Selection

Please begin thinking and brainstorming about a topic (or topics) you would like to investigate for your project.  You should choose your topic or the area on which you wish to focus, as well as a final format, prior to class time on November 2nd.  The topic must be related to aspects we have covered, or will cover in the course.
            Once you have chosen a topic, or a general area for you paper/project, you will more than likely need to narrow its focus even more.  You may choose a topic we've already discussed in class, one you have encountered as you prepared journal entries, or one that is addressed in the readings.  (A short list of possible topics follows this assignment.)  Please e-mail me ( if you have any questions or want to discuss your ideas before October 31st.)

October 31st – email ideas
            If you have not already discussed your project with me, email your topic ideas to  (

November 2nd  - Select Topic  
Hand in a paragraph describing the topic or specific project you would like to tackle for this assignment.

November 6-10thInstructor Meeting
Schedule a meeting and meet with me during the week to discuss the topic and methods you will use to explore your final project topic.

November 17th  - Draft Outline
Hand in an outline (draft) for the project and a brief bibliography of sources you plan to use.  The bibliography should:

November 29th  - Hand in a draft of your project/paper

December 5th  - Oral Presentation of Final Projects

December 8th - Hand in all parts of the project.

Possible topics/projects

Theatre and empire - “the theatre is the greatest vehicle for social change...” GB Shaw
Music and empire
Film and empire (imperial themes of classic or modern films)
Art/architecture and empire
     And war
     And Surveillance
     And terror networks
     Legal aspects
     Technical aspects
     Social aspects
Economics of empire
     Costs – Benefits


Media –
     All aspects of reporting and coverage
     Images of empire
     Islam and radical Islam
     Radical Islam and Wahhabism
Gender and empire
Race and empire
Military Industrial Complex revisited

Possible Methodologies Include:
     Library research
     Survey research
     Data gathering/analysis

Check sheet
FOUN 097-49

Checklist and Evaluation Criteria


_____1.   Does the essay provide sufficient information for the reader to understand the                                               major arguments or hypotheses presented?

_____2.  Does the author provide sufficient evidence to support these arguments or                                               hypotheses?

_____3.  Does the author accurately summarize the arguments that establish the context for this                               essay? 

_____4.  Does the author show knowledge of developments necessary to understand this argument?

_____5.   Does the author show knowledge of developments surrounding the context in which the                  argument is set and provide such a context for the readers?

_____6.   Does the writer show knowledge of the subject matter?

_____7.   Is there a logical development of information in the paper including an adequate                               conclusion?

_____8.   Is there a clear statement of purpose or thesis?

_____9.   Is there logic and consistency in the arguments made?

_____10.  Have transitions been made within each paragraph?

_____11.  Have transitions been made between paragraphs?

_____12. Has sentence structure been checked?
                  a.  Run-on sentences
                  b.  Complete sentences
_____13. Has spelling been checked?
_____14. Has punctuation been checked?
_____15. Is there subject and verb agreement in all sentences?  Tense agreement?
_____16.  Has the author effectively used information from the research in this essay?