Gender and Technology


Who is Ada? What is The Ada Project?

Institute for Women and Technology pages explain the issues of concern to Anita Borg (Fast Company article)and others hoping to build a network of women to influence and dictate changes in technology development and usage.

Systers also has a number of links and some information about women in/and technology.

Some Universities (such and UMBC) have Centers on Women and Technology with recent information about trends. You can also look at the less recent numbers of women in computer science look at the CPSR Women in Computing page or Internet Public Policy on the Digital Divide. What percentage of computer and/or internet users are women? What percentage of Computer Science professionals? Of Computer Science faculty?

Women in Computer Science page. Lots of interesting on-line readings and resources.

Women in Technology International serves a variety of interests. What are some or those interests? What are some of the current topics?

Sherry Turkle who has written the widely discussed book Life on the Screen, teaches a course on Gender and Technology at MIT. What are some of the topics of the course?

A 1995ish MIT Sudy on enrollment of women in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Results?

Women and Minorities and Technology

And Barbara McClintock has lots of webspace too. Try a websearch to see just how much!