International Internet Concerns

While we have examined some of the issues below in the context of U.S. policy or interests, there are clearly more issues at stake in the international arena. Some have argued that the internet is the enemy of the state. Others might argue that the state is the enemy of the internet.

Spend a few minutes examining the following links. Write a paragraph that outline the positions that you find in each of the folowing categories. We will discuss these at 2:00 and continue on Tursday if necessary.

1. Global Liberty Campaign has links to the "hottest" international issues. Choose one for review to report on at the end of class.

2,.There are a number of links dealing with international internet privacy issues. one is Privacy International, another is American Privacy, and just for fun, you might want to see "just who's watching you! And, about those auctions, some of them might just be breaking U.S. law dealing with foreign trade.

3. There are also international questions--including just whose spectrum is it anyway? With the answer not so clear. Certainly the Waitangi have some issues. Perhaps a Jihad issue?
And is Turning Point a Jihad or McWorld--or one of those democracy issues raised by Cairncross?

4 While we spent a little time looking at distance learning in the US. It also has taken on an international flavor. Take a look at African distance learning. Or, the Universititun Abdul Bazak. A group in the UK, Edexcel, tutors, mentors and examines prople from throughout the world on their ability to perform tasks or jobs. examining group. And, not only are kids in Lewisburg on line--so are kids in Cambodia.