Technology and Education Connections

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This project will end a bit later in semester with your group constructing a brief report in which you review and assess the availability and use of particular web resources in education. Today, spent some time exploring and investigating the different types of library materials devoted to the Web navigation and search that can be used for research. (Begin by exploring one of the areas you listed as an interest in the area of technology and education.)

Continue exploring sites or resources that are currently being used or might be used in college or K-12 courses. Keep detailed notes on the various categories of uses that are currently being made of technology in education.

This project requires your own research, using the links above as initial resources. Use these links and additional web searches and any reading or reviews you might find to explore further uses and resources. Take notes on your findings, assess the usefulness of the site, file some webforms, and make sure that you record enough information to be able to return to the site and perhaps establish a link and credit the owner/creator of the site in your report. (Please paste or add these links in your journal or in a Word document so that you or I may return to them and use them as references in your final report.)