The 1997 Conference on Feminist Economics

(Preliminary Program)


Thursday, June 19

Hotel Ritz

Gender and Economics in a Changing World: Research and Policies for the XXI Century


Alicia Giron (UNAM) Myra Strober (Stanford University)

Lourdes Beneria (Cornell University)


Ifigenia Martinez (Diputada, PRD)

Ma. de las Angels (Senadora, PRI)

Bina Agarwal (University of Delhi)

Elena Sandoval (Presidente, Colegio Nacional de Economistas)

Friday, June 20


2:00 - 3:40 SESSIONS

1. Roundtable discussion. The Social Construction of Knowledge in Economics: Whose Idea Was it Anyway?

  • April Laskey Aerni (Nazareth College)
  • Robin Bartlett (Denison University)
  • Meg Lewis (College of St. Benedict)
  • Jean Shackelford (Bucknell University)
  • Kim Marie McGoldrick (University of Richmond)
  • 2. Marriage, Divorce, Relationships, and Time Allocation

  • "Divorce Executive Style in the U.S.: An Alternative Conceptual Framework to the Doctrine of 'He Who Earns It Owns It'," Myra Strober (Stanford University)
  • "The Decline of Marriage, and What to Do About It," Barbara Bergmann (American University)
  • "Time Allocation in a Bargaining Family: A Three-period Model and First
  • Findings with German Data," Miriam Beblo (Free University, Berlin)
  • "The Crowding Out of Emotions and Relationships," Sue Himmelweit (Open University)

    3. Economics, Feminism and Gendered Model

  • "Chaos Theory and Institutional Economics: Gendered Metaphor or Model,"Irene van Staveren (Erasmus University)
  • "Feminismo y Economia," Julie Nelson (Brandeis University)
  • "Intimations of Feminist Epistemology in an Industrial Organization Story,"Shyamala Raman (Saint Joseph College) and Marcia Moen (University of Hartford)
  • "Feminist Ecological Economics," Ellie Perkins (York University)
  • 4. The Division of Labor, Training, and Gender Differentials

  • " Are We There Yet, Mom? Labor Adjustment and the Sexual Division of Labor," Monica Neitzert (Laurentian University)
  • "Trade Unions and Women's Apprenticeship Training in the U.S. Construction Industry, " Cihan Bilginsoy (University of Utah)
  • "Some Feature of Child Labor in an Indian City," Madhura Swaminathan (Indira Ghandi Institute of Development) and Tara Ramkumar (SPARC, Bombay)
  • "Gender Differentials in Transport: An Exploratory Spatial Analysis," Bettina Aten (University of Illinois)
  • 5. The Future of Work, Unpaid Labor, and The Division of Labor

  • "The Future of Work and Its Impact on Unpaid Labor," Elizabeth Stiefel(Dresnen Bank)
  • "Women's Work in Household Activity -- A Case for Paradoxes in NationalIncome Accounting," S. Radha (The Ethiraj College for Women)
  • "Overlapping Activities and the Household Division of Labor: Evidence fromAustralia," Maria Floro (American University)
  • 3:50 - 5:30 SESSIONS

  • Editorial Board Meeting
  • 6. Roundtable discussion. Informalidad Económica, Flexibilidad Laboral y Género

  • Eguiluz De Antunano ( UNAM)
  • Jenny Cooper (UNAM)
  • Marisa Gonzalez (UNAM)
  • 7. Non-market Work, Households, and Communities

  • "Non-monetized Financial Relationships in Households and Communities,"Paddy Quick (St. Francis College)
  • "Working Time and Women in Canada: Perspectives on Work-Family Conciliationand Working Time," Diane-Gabrielle Tremblay (University of Quebec)
  • "Non-market Work in the Construction of Livelihood," Hikka Pietila (Finn WID)
  • "Valuing Work: Time as Measure," Devaki Jain (Karnataka Women's Information and Resource Center)
  • 8. Gender, Development, Transitions to Market, and Economic Discourse.

  • "Economic History in South America," Silvia Berger (Ministry of Economics, Argentina)
  • "Gender and Sustainable Development: Practical and Theoretical Implications for Economic Discourse," Veronica Vazquez (Colegio de Posgraduados en Ciencias Agricolas, Mexico)
  • "Poverty Alleviation Syndrome in National Economies: A Gender Analysis of Government Policies in Nigeria," Janet Olusi (Obafemi Awolowo University)
  • "Plan to Market: How Asian Women Are Faring: Gender and the Transition to Market in Asian Economies," Patricia Alexander (Asian Development Bank)
  • 9. Roundtable discussion. Women, Gender & Development: Integrating Global Feminism into the Undergraduate Economic/Social Science Curriculum

  • Laurie Nisonoff (Hampshire College)
  • Shyamala Raman (Saint Joseph College)
  • Nilufer Cagatay (University of Utah)
  • Mariamma Williams (WIDE, Brussels)
  • Kiaran Honderich (Williams College)
  • 6:00 - 7:00 IAFFE Membership Business Meeting

    7:30 - 9:30 Hotel Monte Taxco Reception and Banquet honoring Barbara Bergmann, Marian Chamberlain, and Marianne Ferber (MC: Marianne Hill). Ticket required.

    Saturday, June 21

    8:30 - 9:00 Breakfast. Ticket required.

    9:00 - 10:40 SESSIONS

    10. Roundtable discussion. Women and Development: From Marginalization to Empowerment

  • "From Marginalization to Empowerment: Women in Nicaragua," Rose-Marie Avin(University of Wisconsin-Eau-Claire)
  • "Housing Reform with Shanghai Characteristics: Challenges and Opportunitiesfor Women," Barbara Hopkins (Wright State University)
  • "Women and Microenterprises," Alexandra Bernasek (Colorado State University)
  • "Microcredit Can Be a Potent Weapon Against the Feminization of Poverty: Evidence from Africa," Agnes Odejide (Obafemi Awolowo University)
  • 11. Roundtable discussion. Marriage, Feminism, and Same-sex Couples : Too Much of a Bad Thing, or Not Enough of a Good Thing?

  • Barbara Bergmann (American University)
  • Lee Badgett (University of Maryland)
  • Julie Matthaei (Wellesley College)
  • 12. Gender and Trade

  • "Women, Business, and Trade Liberalization in Uganda," Rose Kiggundu (CEWA)
  • "Gender, Property Rights and International Trade," Susan Joekes (Universityof Sussex)
  • "Manufacturing Employment Effects of Liberalized Trade Between the U.S. andthe Asian Pacific Rim Nations," Susan Davis (State University College at Buffalo) and Jayne Dean (Wagner College)
  • "Women's Concerns with the Rapid Globalization and Trade Liberalization Trends," Jeanne Frances (Ateneo de Manila)
  • 13. Women's Employment and Social Policy

  • "Women and the European Employment Policies," Daniele Meulders and Robert Plasman (Université Libre de Bruxelles)
  • "Las Mujeres y Las Politicas Sociales en España," Cristina Carrasco (Universidad de Barcelona)
  • "Determinants of Women's Employment in Selected Sub-sectors of Turkish Manufacturing Industry," Zehra Kasnakoglu and Gulfer Dikbayir (Middle East Technical University)
  • "Beyond the Family and Short of the State: Women, Employment and the Global Economy," Arantxa Sanchez (Universidad del Pais Vasco)
  • 14. Gender and Development: Industrial Restructuring, Trade, and PropertyRights

  • "Secularism, Fundamentalism and Women's Property Rights: The IndianExperince," Debashis Ghosh (Presidency College)
  • "Effect of New Technology Adoptions on Women's Employment: The Case of Turkish Industrial Restructuring," Hacer Ansal (Istanbul Technical University)
  • "Trade and the Gender Agenda," Rocio Mejia and Maria Riley (Universidad Iberoamericana)
  • 10:50 - 12:30 SESSIONS

    15. Structural Adjustment, "Economic Maldevelopment" and Prostitution: TheImpact of Recent Forms of Capitalist Development on Women and the Implications for Feminist Organizing

  • "Women and the New International Division of Labor," Silvia Federici (Hofstra University)
  • "Sex Tourists and Women's Work in the Sex Industry: A Southeast Asian Development Model?" Melanie Orhant (Cornell University)
  • "Economic Maldevelopment and Rates of Exploitation of Women in Industryand Sexual Services in Thailand," Peter Bell (SUNY, Purchase)
  • "Women and Resistance in Rural Areas of Mexico," Marina Patricia Jimenez (Centro de Derechos Humanos, Fray Bartolome de las Casas, Chiapas)
  • "Reconceptualizing Theories of Sexual Labor and its Implications for Feminism" Judith Bradford (Fordham University)
  • 16. Roundtable discussion. Gender, Trade and Macroeconomics

  • Sule Ozler (Koc University and UCLA)
  • Nilufer Çagatay (University of Utah)
  • Lourdes Beneria (Cornell University)
  • Caren Grown (MacArthur Foundation)
  • Irene van Staveren (Erasmus University)
  • 17. Household Bargaining Models, Choice, and Time Allocation

  • "Household Bargaining Models and Women's Empowerment," Cheryl Doss (Williams College)
  • "Time Allocation in a Bargaining Family: A Three-period Model and First Findings with German Data," Miriam Beblo (Free University, Berlin)
  • "On the Limits of Choice: Chicago Home Economics in the 1930's," Susan van Velzen (University of Amsterdam)
  • 18. Marxism and Feminism: Group Discussion

  • Lead by Julie Matthaei and Susan Feiner
  • 19. Empowering Women: Economic and Political Factors

  • "Feminizing Micro-Credit: Empowering Women?" Lamia Karim (Rice University)
  • "Economic Empowerment Policies for Women: Utilizing the Women's Convention," Aurora Javate de Dios (UN Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women)
  • "Women, Economy and Power: Reflections from a Mexican Perspective," Alicia Giron and Luisa Gonzalez (UNAM)
  • "A Feminist Critique of Public Policy, " Marianne Hill (MS Center forPolicy Research)
  • 12:30 - 2:00 Lunch. Ticket required.

    2:00 - 3:40 SESSIONS

    20. Issues of Gender and Economic Development: A Panel in Memory of Aida Santiago

  • "Export Orientation and Gender Differences in Employment Volatility in Taiwan, " Gunseli Berik (University of Utah)
  • "Women's Work and the Population Sex Ratio in Turkey," Gunseli Berik and Cihan Bilginsoy (University of Utah)
  • "Maternity Leave Legislation and the Work and Pay of Women in Costa Rica," Maria Crummett (University of South Florida)
  • 21. Roundtable discussion. Feminism/Postmodernism/Development: A Conversation Based on Marianne H. Marchand and Jane L Parpart's edited book.

  • Ulla Grapard (Colgate University)
  • Lourdes Beneria (Cornell University)
  • Drue Barker (Hollins College)
  • Janet Seiz (Grinell College)
  • Jean Shackelford (Bucknell University)
  • 22. Public Policy: The Lenses of Race, Gender and Class

  • "Immigrant Labor and Child Care: Race and Class Issues in U.S. SocialPolicy," Nalini Visvanathan (School for International Training)
  • "Trading Man and Trading Race in the New York Stock Exchange," Kiaran Honderich (Williams College)
  • "Trends in American College-Going Rates by Gender, Age and Race: An Update with Implications for Public Policy and Private Investment," Carol Frances (Claremont Graduate School)
  • "Use of Public Assistance by Latinos in the U.S.," Elaine Levine (UNAM)
  • 23. Gendered Labor Markets

  • "Mujeres Latinoamericanas en Europa: La Feminizacion de la Immigracion," Elia Ramirez (?, Belgium)
  • "Male and Female Labor Market Mobility in Mexico: Evidence from Two Economic Crises," Edith Pacheco and Susan Parker (El Colegio de Mexico)
  • "A Re-examination of the Feminization U - Hypothesis: Testing a Reciprocal Relationship Between the FLFP Rate and Development," Paula Kantor (University of North Carolina)
  • "Female Employment in Mexico," Ma. Teresa Velazquez (UNAM)
  • 24. Roundtable discussion. Feminist Economics and the Environment.

  • Radhika Balakrishnan (Marymount College)
  • Julie Matthaei (Wellesley College)
  • Bina Agarwal (University of Delhi)
  • Mariamma Williams (WIDE)
  • Anita Nayar (Women's Environment and Development Association)
  • 3:50 - 5:30 SESSIONS

    25. Roundtable discussion. Structured and Unstructured Pedagogical Innovations: Successes and Failures

  • Denise Johnson (Alma College)
  • April Aerni (Nazareth College of Rochester)
  • Ane Quade (California State University, Sacramento)
  • Lisa Saunders (University of Massachusetts)
  • 26. Households, Care Work, and Human Capital

  • "Care Work in Household and Market: Productivity, Economic Growth and Welfare," Iulie Aslaksen (Statistics Norway) and Charlotte Koren (Norwegian Social Research)
  • "Gender, Human Capital and the Intergenerational Transmission of Poverty Implications for Feminization of Poverty in Nigeria, " Christiana Okoji (University of Benin)
  • "Our Children, Ourselves: A Critique of Human Capital Theory," Nancy Folbre (University of Massachusetts) and Paula England (University of Arizona)
  • "Gender, Work and the Care Economy," Jean Gardiner (University of Leeds)
  • 27. Gender and Structural Adjustment Policies

  • "Women and Households in Lima, Peru 1985 - 1994: Considerations about the Effects of Structural Adjustment, " Rosa Luz Duran (University of Massachusetts)
  • "Urban Egyptian Women Between Labour Market and Household in the Process of Structural Adjustment: A Feminist-Institutionalist Perspective," Katrin Schneider (Free University, Berlin)
  • "Beyond Gender Impact Analysis: Structural Adjustment Policies and the Fijian Case," Kim Aiomanu (Action Works)
  • "Dissecting the Success Story of Ghana and Structural Adjustment," Gracia Clark (Indiana University)
  • 28. Representations of Women: Markets, Policy Effects, and Human Potential

  • "Empowerment and Essentialization: The (Mis)representation of Womanhood in Women's Literacy Programming in Nepal," Lauren Leve (Princeton University)
  • "Ethical Considerations in the Formulation of Economic Policy: Targeted Lending and the Politics of Needs in Nepal," Katherine Rankin (CornellUniversity)
  • "Valuing Human Potential: The Influence of Virginia Woolf," Brigitte Bechtold (Central Michigan University)
  • 29. Neoliberalism, Gender and Public Policy

  • "Gender and Recent Social Security Reforms in Canada," Martha MacDonald (Radcliffe Public Policy Institute)
  • "Las Escisiones del Neoliberalismo," Angels Martinez (University of Barcelona)
  • "Internationalization of Production, New Labor Processes and Gender Relations: Reflections on Mercosur," Martha Roldan (FLACSO, Buenos Aires)
  • "The Adverse Effects of Structural Adjustment on Working Women in Mexico," Diana Alarcon (American University)

  • Fundraising Committee Meeting

    6:30 Cocktail Hour (Host: Susan Feiner)

    Sunday, June 22

    9:00-10:40 SESSIONS

    30. Roundtable discussion. Teaching Economics Using Web Resources

  • Jean Shackelford (Bucknell University)
  • Shyamala Raman (Saint Joseph College)
  • Kim Marie McGoldrick (University of Richmond)
  • Nancy Folbre (University of Massachusetts)
  • 31. The Rhetoric of Economics and Feminism

  • "Lady Bountiful: Gender and Representation in International Trade," Ulla Grapard (Colgate University)
  • "Economic Rhetoric from a Novice Woman's Perspective," Deirdre McCloskey (University of Iowa)
  • "The Construction of Masculine Identity in Adam Smith's Theory of Moral Sentiments," Edith Kuiper (University of Amsterdam)
  • "Feminism and Rhetoric: Economic Texts as Social Objects, " Diane Strassmann (Rice University)

    32. Discussion of Chris Weedon's Feminist Practice and Poststructuralist Theory

  • Lead by Drue Barker and Susan Feiner

    33. Wages, Income Inequality, and Redistribution

  • "Wages as a Reflection of Socially Embedded Production and Reproduction Processes," Antonella Picchio (???)
  • "Intergenerational Justice and the Irrelevance of Redistribution in Rawl's Original Position," Frances Wooley (Carleton University)
  • "Swedish Labor Market Institutions in Transition: The Effects of Decentralized Wage Bargaining on Women's Relative Wages, " Jen Steele (Ford Foundation)
  • "Differences in Lifetime Income Profiles in the Uruguayan Labor Force and Income Inequality," Andrea Vigorito (Universidad de la Republica)
  • 11:00 - 12:30 SESSIONS

  • Finance Committee Meeting

    2:00 - 3:30

  • Publications Committee Meeting

    4:00 - 6:30

  • Associate Editors Retreat