Instructions to get from the Istanbul Airport to the Superdorm:

Taxis are the easiest way to get into the town and are readily available outside the airport. There is only one kind of taxi. All taxis have taximeters which show the Turkish Lira (TL) you should pay. There are two rates: night fare from 12 pm to 6 am and the day fare from 6am to 12 pm. The opening rates are as follows: night fare: 600 000 TL; day fare: 400 000 TL. The Superdorm is about 30 kilometers from the airport and should cost around 11 000 000 TL (US$18 or 12 UK pounds) during the day and around 16 000 000 TL ($26 US$ or 18 UK pounds); during the night (as of end of June 2000). (According to the currency converter, currently 1 US Dollar = 623,180 Turkish Lira; 1 British Pound = 937,013 Turkish Lira)

There is an airport bus on a regular schedule to TAKSIM, the city center, and to AKMERKEZ, which is very close to ETILER. If you take the AKMERKEZ airport bus, this is a shopping center from there you can take a taxi to the UCAKSAVAR From airport to the accommodation site (SUPERDORM): There is a map of Istanbul at the address You click on Istanbul, then Istanbul map. There you can see the Ataturk Airport at the bottom left corner and the university is above --to the right, on the left side of the Bosphorpos between ETILER and BEBEK. This map does not show where exactly the university is. Semsa Ozar has put a link to Campus Map on the conference website at (or The "Superdorm" is at UCAKSAVAR Campus. From left you see a road which comes from "ETILER". If you click the blue dots on the map you see the photos of the sites. Blue dot at the far left shows the Superdorm. The conference will take place at the South Campus at the Assembly Hall (Albert Long Hall, number 5 on the map)) and the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences (Washburn Hall, number 7 on the map).


Check in will be available 24 hours a day at the reception desk of the Superdorm at UCAKSAVAR Campus.


The cost of Visas to enter Turkey varies from country to country. One (2000) guide listed the following rates:

US = $45; UK = 10 pounds; Ireland = 5 pounds; Australia = $20, Those from Austria, Belgium, Hungry, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland Portugal, and Spain must purchase Visas--but we do not know their cost. New Zealanders do not have to purchase a Visa to enter Turkey.

Please check with the Turkish Consulate in your own country.


Tuesday August 15, 8.30 am - 4.00 pm, Assembly Hall.

Wednesday August 16, 8.30 am - 11.00 am Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences


(ONLY for those who get lost or find themselves in an emergency situation.)

Superdorm Reception Desk: 257 34 00
Economics Department 263 15 40 ext. 1505

The above numbers should be dialed if you are on the European side of the city. If you are on the Asian side of the city then you should dial 0212 then the above numbers.