Jeffrey M.Trop

Associate Professor - Department of Geology - Bucknell University

Academic Background: Ph.D. (Purdue Univ.), M.S. (Purdue Univ.), B.S. (Univ. of Rochester)

Areas of Interest: Sedimentary Basin Analysis - Tectonics - Detrital Geochronology - Sedimentology

Active Projects
Contact Info.
Information on student research opportunities for NSF-sponsored Alaska tectonics project

Information on icy debris fans research sponsored by National Geographic

Current and Former Student Research Colleagues
Erin Donaghy ('12)        
Eric Lynch ('10) Cullen Kortyna ('11)  

Tyler Szwarc ('11)

Kyle Kissock ('13)  
Christine Kassab ('09)
Ed Bauer ('09)
Steve Smith ('08)
Dallas Mellott ('08)  
Ryan Delaney ('06)
Aubri Jensen ('06)
John Witmer ('07)
Anya Hess ('08)
Emily Short ('06)
Rob Tidmore ('04)
Darren Szuch ('02)
Clay Slaughter ('02)