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I have been appointed to a three year term as Bucknell's next Teaching and Learning Center Director.

I was awarded the Theo Pilkington Outstanding Educator Award from the Biomedical Engineering Division of ASEE.

I was appointed to the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN) faculty advisory board.

I wrote a blog post on the intersections between Entrepreneurship and Sustainability. The article received over 1000 likes in a week and was featured on LinkedIn's Education, Entrepreneurship, Green Business and Social Impact channels. It remained as one of the top 5 articles on the Entrepreneurship channel for over 2 months.

I performed with the Bucknell Orchestra in a piece written by Paul Botelho, professor of music at Bucknell. The piece was a collaboration between the full orchestra and the Electro-acoustic Ensemble.

I had a joy of being a part of the VentureWell OPEN conference opening activity! So much fun to plan but even more fun to see the participation.

I appeared in a short video with Kelly Knox, professor of dance at Bucknell, at the Fall Dance Concert feature on ornithology.

I was video interviewed for by the Quantified Self for Entrepreneurial Minded Learning group, about ways to engage students in designing all manner of wearable technologies.

The premier of Gunpowder Joe was held at the Bloomsburg Theater today. The show is about Joseph Priestley and highlights his contributions to politics, religious life, and science. I worked with Eli Raeker-Jodan to reconstruct an period electric spark device that was used for the show. Once the show is over, the device will be donated to the Priestley House museum.

I was awarded the Outstanding Faculty Member by the Kern Entrepreneurial Engineering Network (KEEN).

I just spent 5 days in Lima Peru at ITEC giving a teaching workshop for 175 faculty. Had great food (including my first taste of Guinea Pig) and met some really fun people!

I just got back from a 3 week trip to Chile with 33 Bucknell students and 7 Bucknell alumni. You can check out some of our trip here

I was appointed to the ASEE Strategic Doing working group on forming connections.

I was recently elected to be a Senior Member of IEEE

I won the best teaching paper in the Entrepreneurship division of ASEE for my work on the Product Archaeology Canvas!

I was selected to be one of the 7 Faculty Mentors for the NSF Faculty Pathways to Innovation program.

I was a featured commentator on Big Beacon Radio. I got to interview John Kotter! You can listen to the podcast

I was recently added to the faculty at the Magister en Diseno Avanzado (MADA), Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Chile.

I had the wonderful privilege of being one of the inaugural speakers at Bucknell's TEDx event.

The US News and World report interviewed me for an article they were doing on Hot College Majors. I got a little quote on the growth of Biomedical Engineering as a field.

The Discovery Channel came to Bucknell a long while back (see below) and the show finally aired in both the UK and US! Check out the UK or US promos. Or you can watch the clip here

Bucknell recently featured my Signals and Systems class as one of their Cool Classes

Bucknell hosted the first Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship (ICE) series. I was one of four speakers invited to give a talk. You can check it out here.

I recently gave a webinar to the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES). You can check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=41sx9Cs3p94

I was an invited speaker at the National ABET Symposium.

I offered a 3 day intensive course to faculty from four universities in Montevideo, Uruguay. The workshop was "Getting the Most Out Of Your Students" and was sponsored by the US Embassy.

I offered a 2 day intensive workshop on "Building a Health Care Incubator" for faculty in the medical school and Incubando Salud in Buenos Aries, Argentina.

I gave a talk on "Radical Collaborations" at the University of Rochester

Morgan and Claypool just published my Biomedical Signals and Systems text.

I offered a 5 day intensive course for the Universidad Catolica de Chile (Santiago) Design Masters program on 'Diffusion of Innovations'.

I gave talk, "The Edge of Innovation" for the DoFuture Distinguished Speaker Series at the Universidad Catolica de Chile

Keynote speaker for Launch of Universidad del Dessarrollo Biodesign Program. "Innovations in Heath Care",

Kurt Thouroughman (Washington University) and I received a grant from KEEN on "Fostering Entrepreneurial Mindset in Engineering Underclassmen Through Interactive Online Modules".

I recently took on the co-editorship of the Morgan and Claypool Biomedical Engineering Series.

The Stanford Technology Ventures Program just posted a story about my year with them.

I won the Presidential Teaching Award at Bucknell. It was a wonderful surprise!

There is a featured article on the Epicenter website that details my experiences teaching immersive courses. The article was later picked up by the Innovation Daily.

Charles Kim and I just received a grant from the Kern Family Foundation to diffuse the KEEN Winter Interdisciplinary Design Experience out to other schools. We are looking forward to the challenge.

Nathalie Duval-Couetil (Purdue), Liz Kisenwether (Penn State) and I received a grant from the NCIIA to develop a mapping between the entrepreneurial mindset and ABET.

I gave a TEDx talk in Santiago Chile on Expanding Borders. Scroll down a bit and you can watch the video!

I led a series of workshops at UDD in Santiago Chile. Check out a video that was created on the intersections of Dance, Creativity and Design. I also had the treat of meeting the former Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet Jeria.

I taught a pop-up class at the Stanford D.school with Aleta Hayes called How to be a Cyborg.

I was the keynote speaker at the Aalto University Teaching Gala in Helsinki Finland. The topic was on Getting the Most out of Students.

I learned about San Francisco based Capacitor Dance Company two years ago at the American Physical Society at a panel on Science and Art. Jodi Lomask, director of Capacitor, and I kept in contact and I have been helping out with their latest project, Synaptic Motion, combining dance and neuroscience. I recently gave a talk on Organizational Principles in the Brain.

Bucknell's Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate Program was just ranked the #1 in the country by US News and World Report!

Google is right down the street from where I am staying on sabbatical. And tonight I had the thrill of teaching a dance class in the new Google Dance Studio.

I had the great pleasure of teaching a master class in contact improvisation for a Dance Improvisation class at Stanford. The students were wonderful and I had the chance to work with amazing dancer, choreographer singer and actor Aleta Hayes.

I was interviewed for the Stanford Radio Station KZSU 90.1fm for the QuestionAir program hosted by Alexander Stork.

I am currently on sabbatical for the year at Stanford working as a visiting scholar in the Department of Management Science and Engineering. I'm excited to be working with the NSF funded Epicenter (National Center for Engineering Pathways to Innovation) while I'm on leave.

Kevin Myers in the Bucknell Psychology Department and I were recently awarded a DoD Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) grant, with the company CTSi. The goal of the project is to automate the training of land-mine detecting rodents. Check out some of the recent press.

I was recently elected to a four-year Program Chair position for the American Society of Engineering Biomedical Engineering Division.

Over the past week I participated in the project Square Peg Round Hole. The project was a collaboration between the Tectonic Theater company, Bucknell (featuring a number of students, Actor/Director Anulee Huchison, Lighting/Sound engineer Mark Hutchison, choreographer Kelly Knox, and musician Phil Haynes) and Sarah Martin, with sponsorship from Geisinger Medical Center.

A poem inspired by my PhD thesis appears in Cheryl Pallant's new book Continental Drifts. Cheryl is a wonderful poet, dancer and longtime friend.

As a collaboration between my BMEG 350 class, the Sculpture II course and the Bucknell Innovation Group, a unique performance occurred in the student center. You can read a bit more about it here

I recently gave a webinar to the International Federation of Engineering Education Societies (IFEES). You can check it out at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a48N4G6zmV0

I am a member of the Bucknell Interdisciplinary Improvisation Ensemble (BIIE). We were asked to teach a guest lecture on cross-collaboration and teamwork to the IMPACT class. A short video was made of the class that you can watch here.

Aaron Meyers an up-and-coming sculptor created an amazing 25 foot sculpture and invited Kelly Knox and I to improvise on it. After getting some footage we edited it down and it has been shown at the Grey Art Gallery in Williamsport as well as the Little by Little exhibit at the Samek Art Gallery. You can see the video online

At the recent NeuroHumanities Entanglement conference there were tours of Georgia Tech Center for Advanced Brain Imaging (CABI). When then asked for volunteers to demo how fMRI works, I jumped at the chance (quiet literally). Here you can watch a video of my brain being imaged.

CNN featured some of the collaborative work of John Hunter and I, presented at the NeuroHumanities Entanglement conference on their health site. Check out the article here

I was recently featured on the Bucknell website in the Ask the Experts series. My feature focuses on my use of kinesthetic learning in my classes.

I gave one of the faculty colloquium talks on a topic that is near and dear to my heart - PLAY! You can watch the talk here.

Bucknell's new president, John Bravman, had a weekend-long inauguration. I participated in two ways. First, I gave a Snap Talk on my research. Second, I performed in an early version of a dance choreographed by Kelly Knox.

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