Carl S. Kirby
Professor of Geology

Office: O'Leary 226
Phone: (570) 577-1385
Spring 2018 Schedule


Recent Classes Taught:

  • GEOL 203 Physical and Environmental Geology
  • GEOL 305 Introduction to Geochemistry - mainly physical inorganic chemistry
  • GEOL 230 Environmental GIS
  • FOUN 098 55 - Gas Shale: A Pandora's Box?
  • FOUN 098 48 - Welcome to the Anthropocene

Research Interests in aqueous and environmental geochemistry:

My 1982 VW Vanagon camper painted exclusively with raw iron hydroxide from mine drainage sediments

The van is featured in "Hope for Polluted Waters," a WVIA TV show about mine drainage and treatment.


Outside Interests:

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