The Northumberland County Conservation District recently completed the first passive mine drainage treatment in the Shamokin Creek watershed. The numerous project partners are listed at the bottom of this page.

Construction at Scarlift Site 42 began on 11/9, 1999 and was completed in the Fall of 2000. Click to see images from
Before construction (discharge and abandoned strip pit),
11/14 and 11/24/99 (construction),
2/5 and 2/12/00 (construction and steel slag),
3/4 through 9/27/00 (construction, a nice overview, and problem fixes),
10/4/00 (fish collected by USGS in Carbon Run; Pond2 dam and stream crossing repair),
6/28/01 (flushing of iron oxides from the limestone),
wildlife observed at the site, and later system modifications.
Oct-Nov 2006 compost addition.


View chemistry and flow monitoring data from Site 42 and selected Carbon Run stream locations.

Click to see a low-altitude aerial video clip of Site 42 under construction. It may take a while to download this video clip file. A lower resolution clip (shorter download time) can be downloaded by clicking here. This footage provided by Heli-View.

Definition of the Problem

Goals and Objectives

The treatment system consists of three ponds, beginning with a successive alkalinity producing system (SAPS) to add alkalinity, followed by a second constructed oxidation/settling pond (average depth of 1 m). A nearby strip pit pond was used as a final settling pond for sludge. The total pond area is approximately 1.2 acres.

The SAPS design is experimental. In addition to limestone, part of the water flows through steel slag, allowing the pond pH values to be adjusted. Accurate flow rate measurements can be made at two sets of standpipes.

Bucknell University students conduct research on AMD treatment at this site, and SCRA volunteers will help to monitor the system. The system will be designed to operate with minor maintenance for approximately 25 years.

Funding and support

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