Pictures of construction at Site 42 - 3/4/2000
The treated water will flow under Carbon Run.
Pond 2 and the dam with spillway are complete.
Another view of the steel slag tank and SAPS spillway.

Pictures of construction at Site 42 - 3/18/2000

Carbon Run back in original flow path. Treated water flows under Carbon Run into strip pond via culvert.
The weir is being emplaced to allow quick flow rate measurements.
Two baffles in Pond 2 will increase retention time.
The SAPS is now full, and its level is controlled by the standpipes. The system is now fully operational.

Pictures of construction at Site 42 - 4/1/2000

An overview of the whole system. Minor repair work and seeding remain to be done.
Another overview showing Ponds 1 and 2 and the buried iron oxide.

Pictures of construction at Site 42 - 6/28/2000

The SAPS pond is muddy rather than orange due to erosion from recent rains. Steve Cassaleggio is working on this site for his senior thesis in Geology at Bucknell.
There's certainly some wildlife at the treatment site. Harriet, the geochemistry field dog, checks out a wood turtle. No animals were harmed in the making of this photo.
Here's a recent overview picture showing the SAPS and Pond 2. Grass and clover have taken hold fairly well. Some bare spots remain. Steve Cassaleggio is sampling a monitoring well in the foreground.

Pictures of construction at Site 42 - 9/27/2000

The PA Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation (BAMR) is repairing the dam and spillway of the second pond. Here are the inlets to the standpipes which replace the old spillway.
BAMR installed standpipes and drains in the second dam.
BAMR is also lowering Carbon Run back to its original stream bed by allowing the water from Pond 2 to flow through two culvert smaller than the original. This action will lower Carbon Run by about 2 feet.

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