Acid Mine Drainage Treatment

For a brief explanation of AMD chemistry, click here.

For more information on passive treatment click here.

Check out the US Office of Surface Mining's "AMD Treat," a free program for running your own cost estimates on mine drainage treatment.

The Department of Energy has an excellent reference on passive treatment (download .pdf file)

Acid Mine Drainage Treatment Images

Active Treatment
Rausch Creek Active Treatment Facility

Passive or Semi-passive Treatment

Schematic cross-sectional diagrams of four different pond treatment components

Schematic cross-sections of anoxic and oxic limestone drains

Limestone sand addition

Limestone Channels

Limestone Diversion Wells

Howe Bridge Passive Treatment Facility

Shamokin Creek Watershed Treatment Facilities in order of construction

Scarlift Site 42
Scarlift Site 48
Scarlift Site 23
Scarlift Site 15

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