DEPARTMENT: Geology      TITLE: The Dynamic Earth        COURSE NUMBER: GEOL 103

OFFICE: O'Leary 226        Phone: 577-1385           Email:

Carl Kirby's Fall 2007 Schedule

Teaching Assistant: Tuesday lab - Christina Butera -
Thursday lab - Krista Bressler -
Final exam FRI DEC 7 8:00AM; location: ART 201

GEOL 103 Fall 2007 schedule (PDF, just the schedule page) TTh class

GEOL 103 Spring 2007 syllabus (PDF, entire syllabus) TTh class

Talks eligible for extra credit

Keys to selected Writing Assignments

Labs completed Excel Spreadsheet

After the first test
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GEOL 103 Field Trip Info

Note: Selected images (those not in your text and including animations) from the classroom powerpoint presentations will be available on Prof. Kirby's public server space in the GEOL103 folder after the class on that material. At the end of the semester before exams, all full classroom powerpoint presentations will be made available.

Here are some of the sites that GE103 students encounter on field trips:

Sinkholes and springs in the Nippenose Valley

Acid Mine Drainage

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