Pictures of construction at Site 42 - 11/14/1999
The discharge was diverted temporarily....
.....through this channel with a culvert installed...
....into Carbon Run, which cleared up as construction proceeded and water was diverted back into its original flow path.
A closeup of Carbon Run upstream of the diversion
The diversion allowed iron oxides to dry before they were hauled out to allow for pond construction. This view looks east.
This view, looking west, again shows the ditch with iron oxides drying. The discharge was diverted to the left. The weir constructed by SCRA volunteers was high and drying.
  Click here to see an image of the weir before the ditch was drained.

Pictures of construction at Site 42 - 11/24/99
Looking west, the discharge is diverted temporarily through a culvert.
Iron oxides are being removed from the old channel (looking east)....
....and disposed of on site. Once iron oxides dried out, they were covered with soil.
Carbon Run and the discharge were temporarily diverted into the strip pond. This view looks east.
A stretch of Carbon Run and the discharge were both temporarily dry during construction. This is where the discharge formerly entered Carbon Run.
The strip pond is the third and final treatment unit. This view looks west.
Water flows through the culvert, across a spillway, and into Carbon Run. This view looks southwest.
This is the final effluent into Carbon Run. Even before the treatment system was finished, the effluent was nearly clear.