Pictures of construction at Site 42 - 2/5/2000
The SAPS has been completed.
  See a diagram of monitoring wells in the SAPS.

See a schematic diagram of a SAPS.

The downstream side of SAPS dam.
Standpipes will control the water level in the SAPS.

Pictures of construction at Site 42 - 2/12/2000
Image of the SAPS without snow cover.
The oxidation/settling pond is nearly complete.
The steel slag tank has been installed.
Here's a closeup of a sample of steel slag.

Steel slag is a product formed by melting iron ore. The molten iron sinks, and the remainder floats and is poured off and cooled to make slag. The slag we are using is from Pittsburgh. An adjustable portion of the water from the SAPS pond will flow through the steel slag. The slag has lots of alkalinity. Water which contacts the slag will flow by gravity into the first oxidation/settling pond and allow us to vary the pH in the pond.