"The Yellow Boy shirt," which is "dyed" with mine drainage sediments from near Shamokin PA, has now been produced on a small scale – batches of 50 and 100 shirts. The second batch went on sale in October 2003; a few are available in limited sizes from the Bucknell University Department of Geology office in O’Leary Building for $15. Proceeds go the McKenna Environmental Remediation Fund, which supports local environmental projects that Bucknell students conduct.

This design is a collaborative effort with Nancy Cleaver, of Pensylvania Calligraphy (yes, it's only one 'n'). The orange background is imparted by the iron oxides from Shamokin PA, which were applied after printing.

The colors on the screen may not be perfectly representative of the shirt color. The orange shirts are colored with iron hydroxide or oxyhydroxides straight from the stream (although the pigment was bleached to remove organic matter). The pink color results from heating the iron hydroxides to 900 degrees C, converting the sediment to the mineral hematite.

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