Jennifer Elder (Chem Eng/Geol, '96) operating a field mixed-flow reactor developed at Bucknell University. She's measuring the rate of oxidation of ferrous iron in acid mine drainage at the abandoned deep mine pump slope that most of the students in geology courses for majors and non-majors visit on field trips to the Bear Valley Strip Mine.

An image under UV light (FOV approx. 200 um). "Live" bacteria fluoresce green; "dead" bacteria fluoresce red. The small rod-shaped bacteria are likely Thiobacillus ferrooxidans which are attached to the iron oxyhydroxy sulfate mineral schwertmannite (not visible in UV light). These bacteria catalyze iron oxidation rates at low pH; work by Paul Kostak and Carl Kirby suggest that the iron oxide solids must be present for the bacteria to reside on.

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