Field trips

This course includes several required field trips that are scheduled as an integral part of the course. Information regarding field equipment is posted on the course website. A tentative schedule of field trips is provided in the syllabus. Be prepared for inclement weather. Field trips depart the 7th Street side of O'Leary at 1:00pm. Most trips will return by 5:00 pm. We can usually drop you near the gym for an athletic practice.

It is your responsibility to arrive at the O'Leary Building fully prepared for field trip departure. Bring any water/snacks/medicine/etc. that you might need. We will be unable to stop during field trips to make purchases or use bathroom facilities.

Field Equipment

Plan to wear/bring the following items for GEOL 103 field trips:

Optional items - rain pants, disposable camera, and bug repellant.

The Department of Geology will provide - rock hammer, hand lens, grain size chart, acid bottle, sample bags, jacob staffs, safety hat/vest, and any additional field equipment.

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