Pictures of Untreated Mine Drainage in the Shamokin Creek Watershed

Site 2 - a discharge from culm banks. This pH 3 water helps form the North Branch of Shamokin Creek

Site 5 - a deep mine discharge which makes up a large portion of the North Branch of Shamokin Creek. Long stringers of algae fluorish with virtually no predators.

Site 23 - a deep mine discharge tributary to Shamokin Creek

Site 49 - a deep mine discharge which makes up a large portion of Carbon Run

Site 20 - a deep mine discharge near Kulpmont. This site was reclaimed by a Rural Abandoned Mine Program project, but the water was not treated. It is a tributary to Dark Run.

The effects of AMD on Shamokin Creek approximately 13 miles downstream of the last mine discharge. This location is 3 miles from the confluence with the Susquehanna River.

An unamed tributary to Carbon Run which is not seriously impaired by AMD. This stream hosts caddisflies, mayflies, stoneflies, dragonflies, and creek chubs.

For a brief explanation of AMD chemistry, click here.

For more information on passive treatment click here.

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