Current Research Projects (more comments will be added)


  Appalachian Debris Fans


On June 27, 1995 up to 31 inches of rain caused 100's of debris flows along the Blue Ridge in Madison County, Virginia.

Studies include: 1) flow frequency, 2) impact and fan evolution, 3) fan stratigraphy, 4) correlation of events using geomorphic methods (i.e. soils), and 5) slope stability investigations.

See related USGS Blue Ridge studies.

Coarse Colluvium on Appalachian Hillslopes

- investigations on the emplacement processes of periglacial sediments

 Virgina Barrier Islands

Barrier island geomorphology as part of the Virginia Coast Reserve LTER (Long-Term Ecological Monitoring Program with UVa)

Studies focus in interactions between storm overwash, island hydrology, and their effect on landforms and vegetation. Parramore to Smith Island, Eastern Shore of Virginia.

 Anza-Borrego Desert

Southern CA


Impact of short-term climate changes, such as El Nino, on desert hillslope and fluvial processes.

Reconstruction of recent episodes of geomorphic response using fan/terrace surfaces, soils, and denrdrogeomorphic studies, primarily within the Anza-Borrego Desert State Park.

 Northern California Floods


Investigations of the geomorphic response and recovery of streams in the northern California Coast Ranges to repeated historical catatsrophic flooding. Study sites include the Eel, Trinity, and Klamath Rivers and their tributaries.

 Montandon Alluvial Aquifer

Characterization of hydrology of a major alluvial aquifer and wetland system along the Susquehanna River near Lewisburg.The site is Bucknell Geology's Long-Term Hydrologic Research (LTHR) site started in 1991. It now has some 50 groundwater monitoring wells (many are instrumented) and numerous GPS survey monuments which help document river-aquifer interactions.

 Jokuhlaups - ice-dam breakout floods

in Central PA

 Geomorphology of Mars


Nature of water erosion on Mars. Studies have focused on geomorphic mapping and interpretation of Viking imagery of Mars, mostly in outflow channel regions.

Other studies center on Earth-analog sites for investigating geomorphic signatures of groundwater sapping on channel formation and experimental flume studies involving channel formation by a variety of processes.

 Floods and Paleofloods

in Texas


Begun in the late 1970's with work on slackwater deposits along the Pecos and Devil's Rivers of southwest Texas, investigations continue using flood sediments as a means of extending the record of flooding along rivers.

Paleflood studies place floods into their proper geomorphic perspective and in applied areas for assessing flood magnitude and frequency.

Paleofloods in

the Lower Gorge

of the Susquehanna

River, PA

Impact of Land-

Use on Channel

Morhology and Water Quality in

Buffalo Creek, PA

Evaluation of Stream Restoration Projects in North Carolina

and Virginia

Forum on Religion and Ecology

-participation in the global effort for ecological awareness - with John Grim, Mary Evelyn Tucker, Thomas Berry, Brian Swimme, and Paul Winter


Recent Presentations Involved with the Forum on Religion and Ecology

"Religion and the New Cosmology" - convened by Brian Swimme and Mary Evelyn Tucker

August 2001 - Whidbey Island, Wasington - week-long workshop

Presentations on:

1)Landscape and Our Place Within

2) Evolution of the Early Earth and Solar System


Address in the Pardee Keynote Symposium

"The Watershed Within: Scientific and Moral Reflections on Water In the 21st Century"

November 2001, Boston, MA.

Paper - "Watershed Ethics: Process Linkage in Physical Systems

and Implications for Stream Management"