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Bucknell Engineering Summer Camp

The College of Engineering at Bucknell University invites you to Engineer Camp. This program is an academically challenging, hands-on introduction to various engineering disciplines, topics in technology, and how basic scientific phenomena are applied in engineering design. The curriculum includes classroom instruction, laboratory experiments, hands-on projects, and a variety of other interesting and fun academic activities. Here is the website link (at Professor Erin Jablonski's website).

Summer Research for Local High School Students

In select (2010, 2012) summers, students from Lewisburg Highschool joined Prof. Wakabayashi's laboratory for one-month engineering research experience as part of their summer project. The students get tasked with solving real research questions that have not been elucidated in the past, such as the residence time distribution or output particle size distribution of the solid-state shear pulverizer technique. In addition, the students work with the Bucknell's Instructional Technologist to produce educational videos of the laboratory for public dissemination. Here are the links to the SSSP and the SSME laboraotry tour videos.

Science Center Booth

Bucknell Chemical Engineering students and Prof. Wakabayashi teamed up with the Hershey Company and the Central Pennsylvania Engineers Week Council to volunteer at the Harsco Science Center in Harrisburg. The students taught polymer science to the museum visitors via a range of activities and demonstrations. Here is the venue website.

I am always looking to take the polymer and materials education outside the Bucknell campus. Please contact me if you can provide such opportunities.

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