Introductory Control System Problems
Problem Intro1P02

          Dr. Abner Mallity has been working on a little consulting job with River City Circuits Corporation  (RC3).  He has a motor-amplifier combination and he has measured the step response of the system when he puts in a step of one volt.  Here is a sample plot of one of his measurements.  And you can listen here to the sound of the motor speeding up.

Note the following about his measurements. Ever the cautious one, Mallity has taken several measurements of the same response.  They don't seem to come out the same.  Here is another measurement taken later the same day under the same circumstances.

Finally, when he noticed that things were different, he took a third set of measurements three days later.  That's shown below.

        Mallity has been charged by the department head at RCCC - Helen Highwater - to produce a system that controls the speed of the motor.  He needs to be able to specify a speed and have the system respond accurately.  In particular, he needs to do the following.