An Introduction To Using LabView - Adding Two Numbers

        This note is for those just starting to program in LabVIEW.  In this exercise, you will create a vi (Virtual Instrument) that adds two numbers.  You have to take care of the following tasks.

In the process, you should create a diagram like the one below.  Follow the steps below, which tell you what you need to do, and which provide explanations of what is going on as you do things.

        Note the following:         Now, you can run the program.  Do the following:         What can go wrong?         There are some other considerations with the vi that you have just constructed and run.

        The data representation is a "double" i.e. a more precise floating point representation.  (Click here to review what that means.)  You can right-mouse-click on the icon on the block diagram and change the representation (and there are numerous choices.)