Carl Milofsky

Professor of Sociology
phone: (570) 577-3468;
fax (570) 577-3760 (university)
or (570) 577-3543 (department);
(570) 577-1117 (administrative ass't);
Department of Sociology and Anthropology,
Bucknell University,
Lewisburg, PA 17837.

Carl Milofsky

Page updated January 15, 2015


Milofsky, Flack, & Bogside Artists

Spring, 2015 Professor Milofsky is teaching:

SOCI 130, Medicine and Society

SOCI 206, Video Ethnography (TR 2:30-3:52).

In Fall, 2015, Professor Milofsky will be teaching:

SOCI 130, Medicine and Society MWF 11-11:52

UNIV 200 (IP course) The Global Warming Controversy co-taught with Jamie Hendry (MW 8:30-10:00)

SOCI 322, Sociology of Medicine (W 7-10)

This course will involve a 10-hour per week internship at Geisinger or some other health-related organization. Some class sessions will be held at Geisinger. The Meerwarth
Fund for Undergraduate Research helps to support transportation needs of students.

Learn about things we did in the Spring, 2013 SOCI 322 course.

Picture: Carl Milofsky, Bill Flack, and the Bogside Artists in Derry, Northern Ireland.

Carl Milofsky

Here are other courses Prof. Milofsky teaches from time to time

SOCI 100 (Introduction to Sociology)

SOCI 109 (Social Problems)

SOCI 201 (Field Methods)

SOCI 215 (Human Service Systems). This course is not being taught any more, but the web site has useful information on field sites and experiences.

SOCI 239, (Deviance and Identity)

SOCI 402 (Public Service and Nonprofit Organizations)

UNIV 245 (AIDS) (This link is to an old version of this course. Each semester a different faculty member had primary responsibility for the course and the link is to a semester when Milofsky was in charge. Go to this link for some information sources on AIDS.)

FOUN 090 (Sports and Society)


Carl Milofsky in Montana

A high density copy of this photograph is available for use it in a publications.

The Department of Sociology and Anthropology emphasizes field research for students and we hope you will follow our sequence of courses that prepare you for more sophisticated and demanding field experiences. You should begin with SO/AO 201 (Field Methods). More advanced courses include SO 322, SO 418, SO 402, and the capstone in anthropology. Independent field study courses can be arranged as SO/AO 351 or as Nontraditional Studies. Information about some of the settings where students have worked is available on the Service Learning Center website. For information about the Human Services Concentration, click here.