Writing About Eastern Union County Foodshare 2003

Visits to all of our field sites in Sociology 215 are meant to do three things:

(1) Encourage you to think about readings and class topics and to use those materials in your discussion of the field experience;
(2) Raise issues for you about participation in community life and political activity and to discuss how engagement and social responsibility, or disengagement and social irresponsibility happen;
(3) Give you field experiences to prepare you for other courses that will have more intensive field experiences, like Anthropology/ Sociology 201.

Your paper is not meant to be long. Three or four pages will be enough. You also should not try to write about all of the themes given below. Pick your focus, state it, and give lots of description and detail to develop your points.

There are three objectives for participation in the Foodshare.

1. To observe and participate in a community volunteer organization.
2. To learn about how the government and other entities organize food assistance and to think about how a program like Foodshare relates to the politics and policy-making around hunger and food in Pennsylvania and in the U.S..
3. To meet and work with low income people.


1. After you participate in Foodshare, write a brief description of the experience. You want to describe things in specific and particular ways. You do not need to describe everything that happened. The emphasis should be on specific things that caught your attention and that you found surprising. Reflect on why you noticed these things and what you learned.

Some students are visiting Foodshare several times. Other students have taken SOCI 201 or another course where they are required to write field notes. In either case, if you keep a diary or log about your experience in the program you are likely to generate more writing than is required for this assignment. You may hand in everything that you have written if you wish. I would prefer, however, that you hand in writing that concentrates on a few striking or important experiences. You should write about these in as much detail as you can. Avoid providing a general overview description except as a way to introduce your reader to the setting. Your description of experiences should be specific and detailed and should tell about something that surprised or interested you.

Participating in a food distribution, Bucknell students are usually surprised about the people who show up to receive food. Who are the food recipients and how do they affect the way you thought about who were the poor and the needy?

2. Based on your volunteer experience, how satisfied are you with the way hungry people in America have their food needs met? Would you change things and if so how might that change happen?