Directions to West Branch School

West Branch School is in the Newbury section of Williamsport, on the western end of town. It is just beyond Route 15 northbound, which is a four lane highway at 755 Moore Avenue, which is parallel to and between Third Street and Fourth Street. The phone number is 323-5498 and the office person is Peg Furst.

The most direct way to get to West Branch School from Lewisburg is to take Route 15 north to Williamsport. When you go over the Susquehanna River bridge, STAY IN THE LEFT HAND LANE and continue straight onto Market Street, the main street in Williamsport. (If you get in the right hand lane on the bridge, you will be forced down to the access road which continues Route 15 north. This is not fatal, but it's a more confusing route to the School).

Go to the second light on Market Street and take a left on that westbound one-way street: Fourth Street. From that intersection, continue 2.6 miles. You will pass a park on your right with a minor league baseball park in it and then go under the Route 15 overpass. Take the second left (the first left is an on-ramp to the highway) which comes quickly after the highway bridge. Go to the end of that street. West Branch School is the red building at the corner on your right.

(If you end up going right off the river bridge and down onto the access road do the following. Continue on the access road about five blocks until there is an on ramp to the highway (Interstate 180/U.S. 220/U.S. 15) going west. Take the Route 15 north exit, which is about the third exit up and is a major highway exit. IMMEDIATELY as you go up the Rte 15 ramp, exit to the right to Third Street. Turn left at the stop sign at the bottom of the ramp onto Third Street. Continue to the stop light at Arch Street and turn right on Arch. Continue about two blocks to Moore Avenue and take a right on Moore. WBS is two blocks up on your left.