Home Page for Sociology 215 Daily Reading Questions

The chart below provides a link to the readings questions for each class day during the semester. Here is the link to the rubric governing how you should write responses and how your responses will be graded. You are required to submit six responses over the course of the semester and these will count as your exam grades for this course. You must submit a response to the Moodle Forum created to cover specific class periods. You must post your draft response on Moodle BEFORE class on the date listed if you want to later revise your response for submission. You may submit as many responses to Moodle Forums as you wish over the course of the semester. To submit one of your six required responses, you must send a revised, final copy of your response to the instructor via email (at milofsky@bucknell.edu) by midnight Sunday of the week in which the question is listed. You may submit no more than one question per week as one of your six required answers and you must submit three before Fall Break and three after that time.
12--Oct 3
14--Oct 10
21---Nov 7
Nov 21 no class
28---Dec 5
29---Dec 10


Click on this button to find guidelines for writing responses to these questions.  If you do not follow the guidelines, your grades will suffer.