Auction Locator for Fall, 2006 in the Central Susquehanna Valley
Updated August 24, 2006

This page tells a bit about auctions and at the bottom of the page gives a listing of local auctions for August and September, 2006. We will scan local papers and leave copies of auction ads in the plastic wall trays outside Prof. Milofsky's office. However, the big change for this year is that auction houses are advertising on the web. We will give links to some promising auctions at the bottom of this page.

Experiencing Auctions

Auctions are regularly held at the homes of elderly people who have died, moved into a nursing home, or otherwise decided to leave the place they have lived for many years. You can find a nice description of the auction process at:

Generally the auctions take place at the home, although in bad weather and in some circumstances auctions take place at auctioneers' places of business. For this project, you want to go to one of the auctions that take place at a home in a community within fifty miles of Lewisburg.

Generally, auctions go on for most of the day. They start about 9 or 10 in the morning and end about 3 in the afternoon. Everything in the house is auctioned off from salt and pepper shakers up to the building itself. Auctioneers call out the items being sold and they have a staff of people who organize the materials, bring them up for the auctioneer, who keep track of who bids for items, and who collect payments. Usually there is a food booth run by local church women.

The chart below lists auctions that have been advbertised for August and September, 2005. If you're interested in finding auctions on your own, you will have to make an effort to find them. Often you can find flyers for auctions in local coffee shops and hardware stores. There was one posted recently, for example, at Cafe Latte on Third Street.

The easiest way to learn about auctions is to read the local newspapers. The Daily Item with more listings than the other local paper, the Union County Journal. You might also look at the Williamsport Sun Gazette. Auctions are not advertised every day in the paper, even if they are scheduled to be held on the Saturday of the week you are looking. Thursdays seem to be the best days for finding auctions listed in the newspapers.

In general, your auction will be more interesting if you find a remote small town. However, some auctions are held in Lewisburg and other nearby towns and they are easier to reach for students who do not have transportation.

A List of Auctions

The master site listing auctions is:

Once you go that site you must select Pennsylvania and then look for auction houses that are in our area. If you go to the bottom of the page it lists all of the auctioneers in Pennsylvania and you can click on links for auctioneers in towns near to Lewisburg. That then will give you listings of the auctions organized by that operator in the near future.

I clicked, for example, on the Hess Auctioneers from Mifflinburg and found the following auction. Once you click on the Auctioneer and see the listing click to get the full listing like the following:

Hess's Auctioneering (570) 966-2512
Auction Date: Sep 15; Auction Location: 2699 Johnson Mill Road,
Lewisburg, PA Time 04:30PM

Web Ad:

Another one is the Dockey Auctioneers from Pillow, PA, a town about ten miles south of Sunbury. Here's an auction from their site:

15 miles south of Sunbury. Check web advertisement
Dockey Auctioneers 570-758-6004
Auction Date Aug 25 Auction Location CROSSROADS SALE AND MARKET
ROUTE 25 GRATZ, PATime 05:00PM

Web Ad: