Field projects in SOCI 215 may be located in towns other than Lewisburg and so transportation is an issue. You also need to factor travel time into your trips. Milton and Sunbury are 15 minutes away. Danville is 20-25 minutes away. Willimasport is 35-45 minutes away. Bloomsburg is 30 minutes away. Berwick, Shamokin, Mount Carmel, and Lock Haven are 45 minutes away

If you have a car, can car pool with someone else in class, or borrow a car your transportation problems will be reduced. The Sociology and Anthropology Department will reimburse you for travel mileage at .$20 per mile IF (a) make a grant application to the Meerwarh Undergraduate Research Fund administered by the Department (b) you let Prof. Milofsky know that you want to be reimbursed; (b) you keep a log of the number of miles you travel, the dates of travel, and the destination and reason for travel.

You may also be able to use a university car to travel to your field experience. Bucknell has a fleet of automobiles that are available to faculty, staff, and students on the basis of a priority system. Students who must make class-related trips are at the top of the priority list for student use of vehicles. However, automobiles are not always available because other people may be using all of them. Also, you must understand that scheduling is tight and competitive. So, to use a car: (1) YOU MUST BE AT LEAST A SECOND YEAR STUDENT. (2) YOU MUST TAKE AND PASS THE UNIVERSITY DRIVERS' TEST. This will mean that if you have had recent problems with driving like tickets or accidents you probably will not be allowed to use a university car. (3) WELL IN ADVANCE OF YOUR TRIP, contact the travel booth on the second floor of the Langone Center opposite the uphill building entrance. They will give you a form that you must complete and that I must sign, entering also our account number. (4) Show up on time to pick up your car. (4) Return your car and the keys on time and when you said you would return the vehicle.


Here are guidelines given out recently to govern taking the university driving test:

Upperclass students who are at least 18 years of age and possess a valid license in effect for a minimum of two years, and who have not had a serious traffic violation, may be able to borrow a university vehicle to get to and from their service sites, if they complete the university's required class.

PLEASE NOTE: The student will be charged 30 cents a mile for this use of university cars. In some cases cases, academic departments agree to cover the cost of mileage.

Students should bring a pen or pencil, their driver's license, and a $20 non-refundable fee for the class. Attendance at one of the following sessions is required for all student drivers who have not previously been approved to operate a university vehicle. If students are not sure about eligibility, they should check the University Vehicle Transportation Policy and also check the vehicle use web site.

Dates when Driver Orientation Classes will be held will be posted early in each semester.