Debate Grading 2009
SOCI 130. Medicine and Society

Updated August 16, 2009

1. The debate performance comprises 10% of your course grade and the paper you write counts another 20%. The two grades are independent.

2. I take attendance seriously during debate. I both keep track of who attends as part of the audience for each debate but also who asks questions during each debate session. This is one of the important components of your participation grade for the semester.

3. Debates are comprised of three components: an opening statement from both sides lasting five minutes; a period where members of the audience ask questions directed at one of the teams, and to which the other team has one chance to respond, that lasts twenty-five minutes; and a closing statement from each team lasting about 5 minutes that summarizes the material presented during the debate and restates your team's position taking into account what the opposition has argued and what the question sessions has brought up. It is important for each member of your team to have an opportunity to participate so I recommend assigning one of the three roles to each member of your team.

4. I give you six grades on your debate and your grade for the debate is the average of these six grades. Three of the elements represent your personal debate presentation. The remaining three elements are team grades, although in some cases members of a team will receive different grades on these items (if it is clear that some members did not participate actively in the team work, for example). The separate elements of the grade are the following:

Big Issues
Total (avg)