SOCI 130, Medicine and Society: Debates Questionaire
Carl Milofsky, Spring, 2009

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Respond to the following questionnaire. In addition to indicating your opinion on each issue, indicate your FIVE top choices of an issue to work on in the debates that will take place at the end of this semester. We try to assign people to teams so that they can defend the position they favor. Sometimes, however, all of the people who want to work on an issue are on one side of the question. In those cases, you may be asked to defend the position opposite to the one you favor.

If you do not want to do that for a particular issue, note that next to your choice.

If there are other people you want to work with, talk to them and put their names down as your preferred team partners. Ask them also to put down the names of the team members you all prefer.

I will sort responses to this questionnaire and make debate team assignments based on your responses.

 Ethical Question
Choice #
 1. School districts should measure the body mass index of children and send home the results of those meaures to alert parents if their children are overweight or underweight.      
 2. Health insurance premiums should be higher for smokers than for non-smokers.      
 3. Outside of government-funded research settings, it should be illegal for fetal tissue to be used in medical therapies      
 4. It was appropriate for the results of drug tests taken from major league baseball players in 2003 to be made public.      
 5. Marijuana possession and use should be legalized in the U.S.      
 6. Parents and doctors, rather than government regulators, should share responsibility for deciding whether aggressive medical measures will be used to preserve the lives of premature infants who at delivery are between 24 and 28 weeks of gestation (or whatever is the lower limit when survival for premies with current medical technology is possible).      
 7. Therapeutic drugs used to treat HIV should only be given to those who can and are willing to be responsible about participating in their treatment. Thus, physicians would be expected to make judgments about whether drug abusers are still active users and whether patients are likely to engage in safe sex.      
 8. Health insurance premiums should be higher for smokers than for non-smokers.      
 9. Purchase of organs for transplantation should be legal.      
 10. It should be legal for physicians to openly assist in suicide for patients who have a terminal diagnosis but who are not yet close to death.      
 11. The federal government should provide a health insurance option for the medically uninsured. The plan would also require that employers cover employees and that private insurance companies not exclude from insurance clients with preexisting health conditions.      
 12. If licensed physicians will not work in medically underserved areas, other health disciplines (like nurse practitioners and chiropractors) should be allowed to practice, prescribe drugs, and perform simple surgery without the supervision of a physician.