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About me

I am an Associate Professor of Business Analytics and Operations at Bucknell University's College of Management. Previously, I was a graduate student at University of Pittsburgh (PhD Business Administration - Operations Research, 2009). My master's degree is from James Madison University (MBA, 2002), while my undergraduate degree comes from the Romanian-American University in Bucharest, Romania (BBA Management Science & Marketing, 1999).

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Funny trivia

My Erdös number is 4 (Banciu -> Mirchandani -> Magnanti -> Kleitman -> Erdös).

According to the Mathematics Genealogy Project, my lineage goes something like this:
M. Banciu -> P. Mirchandani -> T. Magnanti -> G. B. Dantzig -> J. Neyman -> W. Sierpinski.   Prof. Sierpinski had two advisers: G. F. Voronoi and G. Darboux. On the Russian branch, we have G. F. Voronoi -> A. Markov -> P. Chebyshev -> N. D. Brashman -> N. I. Lobacevski. On the French branch, we have G. Darboux -> M. Chasles -> S. D. Poisson -> J. L. Lagrange & P-S. Laplace -> L. Euler -> J. Bernoulli -> J. Bernoulli -> N. Malebranche -> G. W. Leibnitz -> C. Huygens.