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119 Taylor Hall

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Here are some of my research interests:

  • Pricing and Revenue Management: Studying the optimality of various bundling strategies in the presence of both capacity constraints and product differentiation. Also looking at the overall value of bundling in the presence of competition (with Esther Gal-Or and Prakash Mirchandani.) Applications of reliability theory in pricing (with Prakash Mirchandani.) Using copulas to model dependence among bundle components (with Fredrik Ødegaard.)
  • Survivable Network Design (SND): Metaheuristic approaches for the SND problem, as well as computational evaluations of various SND formulations (with Anant Balakrishnan, Karolina Glowacka, and Prakash Mirchandani.)
  • Statistical Quality Control: We examined processes that are characterized by long tailed symmetrical distributions and derived improved control limits for the range charts used to monitor these processes (with Dana Popescu and Pandu Tadikamalla.)
Also, please click here to see an article about my research that Bucknell posted in 2009.