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Teaching Information

I am teaching courses grounded in the quantitative analysis area. Here's what I taught or am currently offering at Bucknell:

  • MIDE 301 - Understanding Consumers (Quantitative Approaches): This is a half semester module, with a heavy emphasis on quantitative analysis for marketing intelligence. We discuss topics such as price response models, market segmentation, conjoint analysis, logit models, clustering and classification, and customer analytics.
  • MIDE 382 - Predictive Analytics: This is a methods-oriented survey course of current predictive analytics techniques. Topics include data visualization using Tableau, as well as prediction and classification methods using linear/logistic regression, classification and regression trees, support vector machines, neural nets, and cluster analysis. This is a hands-on course, taught using spreadsheet software such as XL Miner and commercial applications such as IBM SPSS Modeler.
  • GLBM 301 - Global Supply Chain Management: A supply chain management class with a global twist; therefore we will spend more time on issues such as supply chain network design, sourcing, and coordination.
  • ACFM 340 - Financial Modeling and Business Analytics: This class is an introduction to financial modeling from an optimization and simulation perspective, using the Analytic Solver Platform. We look at stock and bonds valuations, cash flow optimization, portfolio optimization, risk management (VaR and CVaR), stock price models, and basic derivatives models.
  • MGMT 242 - Managerial Statistics: This is an introductory statistics course, taught from a managerial perspective. Emphasis is on data analysis, introductory probability concepts, random variables, inferential statistics and an introduction to regression analysis.
  • MGMT 340 - Decision Sciences: This course exposes you to the kind of decision problems that you will have to face both in your careers and in your lives. Drawing from the discipline of operations research, it relies heavily on computer-based analytical tools, such as Excel Solver and Crystal Ball.
  • MGMT 341 - Operations Management: This is an overview to operations topics. It is intended to give management majors a working knowledge of operational issues, including (but not limited to) project management skills, forecasting, quality control issues, inventory management and capacity analysis.
  • MGMT 390 - Healthcare Operations: Offered as an independent study to a selected group of interested students, this class covered an eclectic set of topics such as fundamentals of simulation analysis, distribution fitting and evaluating fit, inventory management with perishable items, statistical quality control, knapsack models, and building decision support systems for healthcare providers.

Bucknell is a student-centric university, with a focus on excellence in undergraduate education. I have advised the following students for honors theses or independent studies:

  • Arriana Sajjad, B.S.B.A. '14 (Williams & Connolly LLP): "3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution", 2014. Independent Study.
  • Brooke Stokes, B.S.B.A. '11 (Cornerstone Research): "Quality Control in the Healthcare Industry: An Analysis of Surgery Turnover Times", 2011. Winner of the Harold W. Miller Prize for the best undergraduate honors thesis at Bucknell. [PDF / Google]
  • Zachary Shapiro, B.S.B.A. '11 (Ralph Lauren): "Optimizing the Storage of Perishable Medical Supplies Using Stochastic Knapsack Models", 2011. Independent Study.
  • Kadero Watson, B.S.B.A. '09 (Graduate Program in Athletics Administration, University of Oklahoma): "Evaluating the Performance of NBA Players Using Data Envelopment Analysis", 2009. Independent Study.