Brianna Bjordahl (class of 2019)



My name is Brianna Bjordahl, and I am originally from Nashville, Tennessee. I am currently a junior at Bucknell University, and I’m working towards a double major in Biology and Environmental Science. My work in the lab includes studying samples of Japanese giant salamander eDNA collected by Professor Takahashi over the summer, and analyzing them for traces of Chinese giant salamander eDNA for conservation purposes.

In addition to working in Professor Takahashi’s lab, I’m involved with a number of student organizations on campus. I’m the co-president of Bucknell’s Writers of Rohan, a fiction-based creative writing group that does weekly peer review and writing exercises. I am also the co-president of Bucknell’s Japan Society, a cultural appreciation group that meets weekly to practice the language and discuss different aspects of Japanese culture. I am also involved with Bucknell’s Outing Club and Environmental Club.

I’m particularly interested in issues regarding conservation and environmental sustainability, and hope to pursue these interests in graduate school through environmental field research.