JJ Gregory (class of 2017)


My name is Jeanne-Jo “JJ” Gregory, and I am a senior at Bucknell currently working on obtaining my Bachelor of Arts in Animal Behavior. I joined Dr. Takahashi’s lab spring semester of my senior year, and my current research in Dr. Takahashi’s lab includes the phylogeny and evolution of oviposition methods in the salamander genus Ambystomatidae.

My main aspiration is to become a herpetologist, with a specific focus towards snakes. I intend to attend graduate school and obtain a PhD in zoology, but before then I plan to take some time to gather research experience via internships and possibly other jobs related to my interests. Eventually I intend to become a university professor of Herpetology and Animal Behavior. My main interests include evolution, phylogeny, and all aspects of animal behavior.

As well as my work with Animal Behavior, I am a Japanese minor and an active participant of the creative writing club Writers of Rohan. Though I am not a student in Dance, I am attending dance classes and have participated in several dance shows.