Jake Dixon (class of 2018)


My name is Jake Dixon and I am currently a Junior at Bucknell University working on obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Animal Behavior and my Bachelor of Arts in Sociology. My research in Dr. Takahashi’s Lab involves investigating Japanese Giant Salamander reproductive behavior, specifically paternal pre-ovipositioning behavior.

Along with my undergraduate research in Dr. Takahashi’s lab, I am an active student in Bucknell University and member of the Lewisburg community. At Bucknell, I am a member of the Chi Phi Fraternity and a lead organizer in the Special Olympics. When not participating in research or other Bucknell extracurricular activities, I am a volunteer firefighter for the William Cameron Engine Company in Lewisburg and also a volunteer for the Headstart program in Milton, PA.

One of my leading interests in the biological field is genetics. I aspire to graduate from Bucknell and go on to get my masters in Health Administration. My goal is to become a health administrator for a genetics clinic.