Nicole Fry (class of 2018)


My name is Nicole, ad I am originally from Atlanta, GA. I’m currently a junior at Bucknell University. I’m working towards earning my Bachelors of Science degree in Animal Behavior and a minor in Philosophy.

I’m interested in the behavioral aspect of the Biological field. For Dr. Takahashi, I have studied the physiological effects of exposure to varying predation and high population density in spotted salamanders and determining paternal records in different salamander species by using DNA extractions and PCR. I aspire to continue participation in research after I graduate from Bucknell.

Along with my research with Dr. Takahashi, I am very active on Bucknell’s campus. I am a member of Alpha Chi Omega Sorority and the Black Student Union. I also work as an Ambassador for Bucknell Admissions, a Residential Advisor, and a Technical Assistant at Weis Performing Arts Center. I often help in the Lewisburg community by assisting with pet services and exercising people’s horses.