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In Spring 2018 I will be teaching MATH 241/0 (Discrete Structures), and an Integrated Perspectives course on Symmetry.
Research Opportunities
If you are an undergraduate at Bucknell who is interested in pursuing a research project (as an Honors Thesis perhaps) then please come and talk to me. You may first wish to take a peek at my research page.
Here are some recent research projects I've supervised, together with papers that resulted from them:

[2017]  Symplectic groups acting on polytopes, J.T. Ferrara.
    Orthogonal groups in characteristic 2 acting on polytopes of high rank,
    (Peter A. Brooksbank, J.T. Ferrara, and Dimitri Leemans)    submitted.
[2015]  Optimal Gram-Schmidt type algorithms, Shelby Kilmer (Honors Thesis).
[2012]  On a problem of Burnside, Matthew Mizuhara (Honors Thesis).
    On groups with a class-preserving outer automorphism, Involve 7, no.2, 171-179, 2014.
    (Peter A. Brooksbank and Matthew S. Mizuhara)
[2010]  Rigidity of right-angled Coxeter groups, Aaron Meyers (Honors Thesis co-advised with A. Piggott)
[2009]  Classical groups acting on polytopes, Deborah Vicinsky (Honors Thesis).
    Three-dimensional classical groups acting on polytopes, Disc. & Comp. Geom. 44, no.3, 654-659, 2010.
    (Peter A. Brooksbank and Deborah A. Vicinsky)
Letters of Recommendation
If we have agreed that I will write a letter of recommendation for you, please visit my recommendations page at least 2 weeks before the first letter is due.