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Pamela Gorkin

Professor of Mathematics
Bucknell University

Pamela Gorkin is Professor of Mathematics at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. She received her Ph.D. at Michigan State University, where she worked under the direction of Sheldon Axler. She is a quadruple Spartan.

Her research is focused in functional analysis, complex analysis, and operator theory, with primary interest in questions about interpolation, universality, and composition.

Her book, Reading, Writing, and Proving: A Closer Look at Mathematics, written with Ulrich Daepp has now appeared in its second edition. See the website for solutions and other information about the second edition. She also collaborates with Elias Wegert, Gunter Semmler, and Ueli Daepp on the creation of a mathematical calendar.

One of her favorite places to give a talk is right here,

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