BIOL 340
Biochemical Methods

Suggested Reading

Interesting Web Sites on the Internet

The Internet is an informative place to learn about the procedures we will be doing during this half of the course. Many of the companies who supply reagents, cloning vectors, kits and systems to molecular biologist and biochemists have set up extensive and well organized web sites where you can not only learn about the products they sell, but can gain ways to use those products to answer the biological questions you want. In addition, there are sites where you can search for reagents and who sells them, find a database of protocols, and sites where you can manipulate the nucleic acid and protein sequence that molecular biologists deal with. Modern molecular biologists have learned that they best way to learn about new techniques and information is to visit these sites often. Here are a list of some sites which may serve as jumping off points for other useful sites.

Useful Sites and Jumping Off Points

Biotech and Molecular Biology Companies

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