Animated GIF Files

This page demonstrates animated GIF files. The Internet currently supports two types of graphics files, JPEG and GIF files. These files are identifiable by their suffixes; JPEG files are listed as "file.jpeg" on the Macintosh platform and "file.jpg" on the Windows platform. GIF files are listed as "file.gif" on all platforms. JPEG files allow 16 thousand or so colors while GIF files allow a maximum of 256 colors. However, GIF files also allow up to 256 individual images which may be displayed in sequence for the effect of animation.

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Line Another use for GIF animation files is the slideshow. Russian Art Slide Show.This is the simplest kind of GIF animation to produce. All you have to do is reduce the size of your pictures to reduce load time and insert them in order along with control tabs which determine the type of fade, sequence timing, and palette. An example of a slide show which I quickly put together for this workshop is working to the right right now. If you don't want to reduce the size of your pictures you may simply preload them in the browser cache for the classroom; however, remember that this on the Web, the larger the graphic, the slower it loads. Line

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