Homework Session No. 1

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PART A. Translate the following sentences into Scots English, using the vocabulary items and grammatical forms covered in Lesson One.

1. Why are you taking this language?

2. What other classes are you taking this semester/quarter?

3. Describe in detail your typical day.

PART B. Select the item most likely to be found in the following places by clicking the corresponding radio button.

4. What do you find in a refrigerator?     5. What do you find in the bathroom?
meat     catsup
soap     sink
clock     frying pan

PART C. Write in the correct form of the Past Passive Participle based on the stem given to the left.

Verb Participle

6. drive
7. speak

PART D. Vocabulary. Type in the correct French word with the following meanings. If you wish to know whether your answer is correct, push the button to the right.

Vocabulary Review
English French Right? Check
8. sister
9. house
10. fish
11. weather
12. kitchen

John pack yesterday.
John is pack right now.

Press RESET to clear the page and start all over. Press SEND to submit your final draft to the instructor.

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