Ramkhamhaeng University

Day One: June 14, 1999

A Workshop on

Classroom Web Technology

Robert Beard

Bucknell University


I. The World Wide Web

  1. What is the World Wide Web and what will it be?
    1. Commerce: shopping for everything
    2. Finances: banking, taxes, investments
    3. Religion, political activities, voting
    4. Entertainment: games, TV shows,
    5. Communication: telephone, televideo, teleconferencing

  2. Information: the world becomes an encyclopedia of itself
    1. Lookups: people, places, words, grammar
    2. Knowledge: reference, law, medicine, education
    3. Home remodeling, home repair, electrical wiring, plumbing, car repair

  3. World-wide communities: teachers, investors, teen-agers, Thai enthusiasts

  4. How is the Web relevant to education?

    1. On-line distant-learning courses
    2. On-line interactive syllabuses
    3. On-line information resources

The WWW Organization Using Web Editors Tables & Frames Graphics Workshop
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Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA 17837
1999 Robert Beard