Ramkhamhaeng University

Day Five: June 18, 1999

A Workshop on

Classroom Web Technology

Robert Beard

Bucknell University


V. Graphics

  1. The purposes of graphics
    1. Decoration
    2. Professionalism
    3. Information
    4. Instruction

  2. Using graphics applications
    1. Matching colors
    2. Using layers
    3. Making drop shadows, embossing, dissolves (4) Special effects for fonts

  3. GIF versus JPG files
    1. Transparent backgrounds
    2. Issues of file size
    3. Numbers and types of colors

  4. Animated GIF files
    1. Base files: numbering, judging change rate
    2. Application resident dissolves and fades (file size)

The WWW Organization Using Web Editors Tables & Frames Graphics Workshop
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Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA 17837
1999 Robert Beard