Ramkhamhaeng University

Day Nine: June 24, 1999

A Workshop on

Classroom Web Technology

Robert Beard

Bucknell University


IX. Finding Resources on the Web

  1. How to use search engines
    1. Selecting key words
    2. Combining and eliminating key words
    3. Limited searches

  2. What to look for on the Web

  3. Where to look for resources
    1. The Search Engines
    2. Using specialized websites
    3. Finding specialized search engines

  4. How to use foreign-language resources in a course
    1. Using dictionaries
    2. Using newspapers
    3. Using government websites
    4. Using commercial websites

The WWW Organization Using Web Editors Tables & Frames Graphics Workshop
Writing HTML Forms & Java Teaching Languages Resources Conclusion World Lecture
Bucknell University, Lewisburg, PA 17837
1999 Robert Beard